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Meet Gia

A real Tel-Avivian at heart. Gia is addicted to blue skies, sandy beaches, vegan food, eco-friendly transportation, techno music and pop-up galleries. Gia has a great connection with the local scene, the people and the city itself.
She’s always happy to return home after visiting friends in Berlin, Austin, Tokyo, Goa and Sinai-desert to a place that connects eastern and western cultures like no other.
At Gia there is always something happening, from art workshops to pop-up culinary events and sunset Vinyasa classes on the rooftop.
But don't worry, there are plenty of places to chillax as well.
Gia and local friends have created a handpicked digital map of the best places to eat, drink and dance in Tel Aviv, out of hundreds of great places. This map will offer you a glimpse into the real Tel-Avivian experience, as seen through the eyes of locals. 


If you’ve only ever stayed at hotels, a hostel may raise some question marks for you.
The ten frequently asked questions about hostels can shed light on what a hostel experience looks like and how the shared sleeping experience feels, especially when you have nothing to compare it to.
A hostel is a great choice for travelers who want to maintain a budget-friendly trip as well as a safe and comfortable place to lay their head. Staying at a hostel can even make your travel experience even more entertaining if you find other guests with similar interests.

A hostel is a budget-friendly way to lodge safely with like-minded travelers around the world. Of course, like in any other hotel, there are private rooms with private toilets and showers, but what sets hostels apart is the possibility of staying in dormitory rooms, usually with bunk beds, shared bathrooms, a common area to relax in and a shared kitchen to cook together. Combined with many social events, it can become the best trip ever.
Our accommodation prices vary according to two parameters: room rental versus bed rental and weekend versus midweek.
Prices vary depending on the time of year and events close to the desired date.
Feel free to check the availability of rooms on our website (add a link to the rooms)

Yes, the hostel is mainly for people between the ages of 20-40 but nevertheless you will find a variety of guests including families. If you are under the age of 18, arrival and accommodation in the hostel must be accompanied by an adult throughout your entire stay.

No, you do not have to share a room with the opposite sex if you are not interested.
Gia has dormitories for both sexes together, only for men, and only for women.
This way we can allow each and every one of our residents the best individual experience for them.
If there is no more room in the same-sex shared bedrooms and you do not want to stay in a mixed room, you will need to get a private room instead.

Although a co-ed dorm may sound a bit intimidating for solo women on the road, mixed dorms are safe. Backpackers understand how to respect one another's space and privacy. Especially if you are in a bunk with five other people sleeping in your room, the sheer numbers help prevent anything untoward from happening.
Of course that at Gia we do not tolerate inappropriate and unpleasant behaviors towards our guests and anyone who does not comply with the rules of conduct will be forced to leave the place and any incident will be dealt with immediately.
Not at all! Each room has a private suite bathroom so you do not have to share showers at all.
In the shared bedrooms there is one shower for all those staying in the room. You can lock the door from the inside so you can shower with maximum privacy.
Breakfast is available for an additional fee at our Gia Cafe.
There is also a fully equipped communal kitchen with everything you need to create the perfect breakfast. If you don’t have the desire to cook, you can treat yourself to a delicious sandwich or an exquisite coffee and pastry downstairs for an ideal morning.
When it comes to the sleeping experience itself, we maintain the highest standards, our hostel staff takes care of cleaning the shared bedrooms once a day so that every night you will sleep your best. Bed linen is changed frequently depending on the length of stay and departure of each guest.
First of all, let's start with the fact that here at Gia at the moment curfews do not exist, we do expect all guests to respect each other and keep quiet in the rooms and corridors during the night to allow everyone a good night’s sleep, but you can enter and leave the hostel through the main entrance with your personal key (magnetic card to be exact) at any hour of the day. If by any chance you forgot / lost the magnetic card then during all hours of the day (including at night) there is a staff member on duty that is available to help you if necessary.
We have heard of cases of hostels that at certain hours it is customary to lock guests in a room (or outside it) for cleaning purposes. But not with us, with us it is possible to move around freely at any time and the cleaning is done by prior arrangement in order to avoid any unpleasantness.
Absolutely yes, under the beds there are lockers that can be locked with personal locks. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one at the reception.
In a private room - up to three weeks. In shared dormitories - up to two weeks. For stays beyond the regular time - only with the approval of the hostel management.
Since the hostel has been converted from an office building,most of the hostel complex is wheelchair accessible, and we also have one room that is 100% adapted. We will be happy to fully adapt in advance on the subject in order to prepare accordingly and allow the best hospitality experience for you. It is important for us to note that we make every effort to make Gia accessible more and more over time.
No, we will provide everything you need: clean sheets, towels, soap and shampoo.
It is important for us to note that all of our soaps are 100% vegan and cruelty free.
There are many parking lots within a short walking distance. During the weekends the nearby streets are emptied and there is no problem finding parking.

Things we have that you always wanted to ask us before you come:
  • Very strong Wifi
  • Laundry room
  • Fully equipped communal kitchen
  • refrigerator storage space
  • Charming receptionist (updated during reception hours)
  • Sun beds on the roof
  • A “honesty bar” where you can buy a drink at cost price at any hour of the day.