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Gia is a facilitator of happiness. Whether you feel like chilling, hanging out with fellow travellers, cooking some food, participating in artsy workshops or sipping on a sunset cocktail after a long day, Gia's got your back.

Gia Café

Hanging out at the local café is the quintessential Tel Aviv experience. People watching, chatting, reading, and of course enjoying delicious healthy treats and great coffee will brighten your day.

Then as the sun sets- the lights dim, the music turns up, and drinks are served. Gia transforms vibes becoming a cozy neighborhood bar with live music and djs.

La Lounge

The place to chill & chat, munch on something from the kitchen, or just rest your legs after a long day of strolling in our comfy sofas and hanging nests.

Communal Kitchen

Our kitchen is equipped with everything you need to fix yourself a delicious meal. We've got room to store all your food and cozy seating to enjoy your meal and socialize with fellow travelers.

Rooftop 32

The perfect spot to bathe in the sun, enjoy the city skyline or grab a beer with friends. We have a daily sunset hour offering on all drinks and live events every now and then.


Our friendly reception is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to facilitate the best possible Tel Aviv experience. Don't hesitate to ask us anything, anytime, we are here for you.

Laundry Room

For your convenience we have self-service laundry and dryer machines. All you need to do is ask the reception.

Luggage Room

Available 24/7 and for free!
Just drop your belongings with us and go explore the city.